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Custom Board Options

On this page explore the potential choices for each of our visual display products; we’ve created standard designs for each of them but customization is always an option. Choose from different sizes, frames, panels, lighting options and more on these pages. For added convenience, hover over our custom board categories to view pop up images.
We make boards in almost any size you need – simply let us know the overall size or viewable area. Our Standard manufacturing tolerances are ± .125” over each linear foot.
When selecting a frame, it is important to keep in mind both the material as well as the design. Different frame materials are available in different colors, as well as different designs, such as with radius corners or radius edges.
Standard boards with inserts are available; however, boards can be changed and customized with different inserts upon request. Many boards can be customized with two different inserts in the same board.
  • Acrylic – Doesn’t yellow as fast, better clarity, less likely to scratch.
  • Polycarbonate – less likely to chip, impact resistant.
  • Tempered Glass – scratch resistant, highest quality.
Our new Outdoor PLUS design was created to keep your Enclosed Outdoor Boards safe during all types of weather. Ideal for locations with heavy precipitation, this board add-on features weather-stripping and additional holes in the bottom of the board for drainage. Add PLUS to the board model number, or call our customer service representatives for questions on our Outdoor PLUS option.
Choose to have headers built into your board or purchase a separate detached header to add to an existing board. We offer both vinyl screen printed header designs and custom photo header designs.
Illumination is available in both the frame and/or the header. Choose between LED and Fluorescent Illumination
Choose custom fabrics or colors for many of our inserts. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call for more fabric options – we have hundreds available!
  • 9. Mounting
We have mounting options for different boards, weights, sizes and wall types. Our standard mounting kit works with most style boards, and has been shown with the products it works with. Please remember that all installations require qualified contractors. The variation of materials, sizes, weights and wall types makes it imperative to consult a professional.